Empower your

business with AI.

Let our team of AI Sherpas attack your cost centers by leveraging AI to identify efficiencies and drive future growth with less overhead.

Faction's service offerings reflect a comprehensive approach to AI that covers the entire AI lifecycle, from strategy and planning to implementation and ongoing support and optimization.

AI Strategy

We help you develop an AI strategy that aligns with the organization's goals and objectives, and helps identify areas where AI can drive the most impact.

AI Deployment

Our team deploys and integrates AI solutions into existing systems and processes to ensure seamless integration with existing workflows and technologies.

AI Operational Support

We help build out governance frameworks and ethical AI practices to ensure responsible and transparent use of AI. Once deployed, we provide ongoing support and maintenance for AI solutions, including monitoring, testing, and optimizing performance.

Data Strategy

We develop a data strategy that enables your organization to capture and leverage data in a way that supports AI initiatives and drives business value, then creating the data pipelines, infrastructure, and tools required to prepare and analyze data for use in AI models.

Let the Faction Team build an AI strategy to ATTACK YOUR COST CENTERS.

It's time to take full advantage of your market opportunities.