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Matt Murphy


Matt brings a unique point of view and proven knowledge to the team with 20+ years of diverse enterprise technology consulting and entrepreneurial experience. He has spent most of his career deploying enterprise solutions from CRM and HRIS to BPO and AI for various consulting clients across the Fortune 500, like AT&T, Kohler, Nestle, McDonald's, Kraft, Nike, Accenture, and JPMorgan, achieving the highest return on their digital investments while increasing efficiencies across their global operations.

Between 2010 and 2018, Matt operated and successfully exited his enterprise social media consulting firm, Ideacage, founded in Dallas, specializing in consumer data intelligence and ongoing managed social listening solutions serving clients in over 55 countries worldwide. In 2019, Matt co-founded Beanstalk Predictive, bringing deep-market consumer intelligence to marketing agencies serving the small and medium business space.

Matt is the co-founder and CEO of The Faction Group. He provides his leadership skills and proven operating best practices to bring digital product design and go-to-market launch solutions to the forefront of new products, services, and businesses. Matt also serves as the CEO at Beanstalk Predictive, and when not working with colleagues and clients, he loves spending time with his wife and children in Houston, cheering on the Astros, riding bikes, and road-tripping.

Beth Wilson


Beth Wilson is a visionary leader in Product Engineering, Product Marketing, Product Management and User Experience for the last 20+ years, including 11 years at Match.com responsible for the entire portfolio of digital and interactive products for North America. For the last 5 years, Beth has led a Dallas-based digital agency, Beanstalk Digital, providing product engineering, go-to-market strategies, digital marketing and design services, web and app development, social media and community management services. In this role, she co-founded Beanstalk Predictive bringing deep market and consumer intelligence services to the forefront of the agency, building out data driven processes to further drive success for clients, specifically start-ups.

Beth currently serves as Chief Product Officer at The Faction Group where she brings decades of experience to help clients and partners design and launch digital products and solutions into the marketplace. She also serves as COO at Beanstalk Predictive to leverage consumer and product intelligence to data back projects and ensure the success of her clients.

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